About Us

Dreamz World, A World Full Of Happiness, Networking for your Health, Wealth & Prosperity.

About Us


reamz World is a Product Marketing Company which promotes its Products through Direct Sales.The Company is registered with all the statutory regulatory authorities required for the business.The company does not sell its products directly, but through their associates only.The company does not commit any returns, the earnings to its associates are purely dependent on their sales .


                              The company is not involved in any financing or investment/fund raising activity by any means like FDR / Chitfund / Ponzi schemes / Collection business.The company does not lure any extraordinary earnings and or making its associates rich, but the earnings are purely on the basis of commission earned on sale of products. There are no hidden charges associated with the Purchase & Sale of the products.The company is not involved in the Sale of products which are forbidden or restricted by Law. The products are of common as well as of day-to-day use in the family. In case of any Disputes, the area of Judicial Jurisdiction will be Bhopal.Buyers are requested to take full knowledge about the products before buying.


  We are creating a Network of Like Minded people from all walks of Life who have a desire to grow in their lives by doing things differently & stand apart from the crowd.


  As a partner in growth we expect you to join hands and become a part of Winning Team. We need HUMAN FUEL to speed up the huge growth Engine like that of a Bullet Train.


  We understand that running after goals is not the only purpose of Life but the inner peace is equally important and the real growth lies inside.


  No person can grow alone but a Collective Team Effort is required to sail through the tough & competitive times. Hence we are not talking of the Digital Connectivity but a personalised association wherein people get opportunity to personally meet & interact with people from various fields and one can choose his field of interest to satisfy his/ her intellectual hunger.


  The group also focusses on Group Club activities like Musical Gatherings, Cultural programmes, Health & Spiritual activities like Yoga, Reiki & Personality Development Seminars.


  We welcome you to join hands in this mission of health, happiness and prosperity.


Your Success

To make all the wills come true, one has to first dream about it. The Dreams may be related to anything in ones Life ,like Buying a house, Buying a new Car, having big Bank Balance and having a good social status in the society.

Happiness or Satisfation

By achieving all these things, basically one attains HAPPINESS or SATISFACTION. Not to deny the fact that MONEY is the biggest motivator in everyone's life but we consider that money is just the means to enjoy the Life.

Health & Quality

Health & Quality Time with our loved ones is of prime importance.Dwelling on this idea,we have come up with a wonderful Platform to provide all the above things by involving ourselves in simple activities.You can EARN, LEARN & TURN your Life with us.

Dreamz Comes True

We, at Dreamz World are committed to make all your Dreamz come to Life. With simple & systematic steps and dedicated efforts for a little time on daily basis you can achieve great milestones along with MONEY, RECOGNITION, NAME & FAME.

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